How To Protect Your Home (And Your Wallet) From One Of the Most Costly And Unseen Expenses

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Everyone hates critters, but homeowners might despise them even more. The National Pest Management Association estimates that termites alone are responsible for causing more than $5 billion in property damage each year in the United States. However, termites are not the only culprit. Ants, bees, cockroaches, mice and bed bugs are just some of the other common home-wrecking pests. All of which are often discovered after it’s too late, and will leave you paying a fortune both to get rid of them, and in costly repairs in the damage they leave behind.

The Cost Of Pest Infestations And How To Catch Them Before It’s Too Late

It is well-cited* that pest infestations generally decrease the value of properties, with more than 20 hedonic studies reaching this same conclusion. In these studies* you’ll see indicated that infestation damage has a lasting effect by lowering property values by a significant amount, while in some cases yielding immediate repair costs upwards of $10,000*!

In most cases these damages are only occurred after long periods of exposure by these pests. Unfortunately, your every day American wont be able to identify these issues before its far, far too late. But dont worry, there is a solution. There are specialized companies out there that offer FREE inspections on your property and can help identify if you have to be concerned about your home. Thats right, you heard us – FREE. If they do happen to find a pesky-pest problem, they will be able to help you remedy the problem for a fraction of the cost that you would end up paying in damages should it have been left unattended. We consider one of these inspections a must-have for any homeowner to protect their asset, they’re 100% risk free and will give you piece of mind knowing exactly the state of your home. While there are many options for these services out there, our favourite is Terminix Pests. They operate all over the United States and you can quickly apply for a Free inspection online in just a few minutes. We definitely recommend you check them out.

Not Quite Convinced? Fair Enough, Check Out these Few Common Pests Out There And How they Can Damage Your Home

Termites are just one example, that can cause a home’s value to decrease by 20% – and that is when the infestation is discovered in time to treat the damage. Common damage stemming from termites include:

  • Sagging floors
  • Foundation problems
  • Loss of structural integrity

Beetles can bore into wood, attack hardwood floors and infest flooring, cabinets, doors, molding and wood furniture. Carpenter ants may form nests and hollow out pine. Bees located inside a home that have been sprayed with insecticide can leak honey, melted wax and dead bees in the home that attract other insects and rodents.

Many states require the presence of a pest infestation to be disclosed to potential sellers or on reports for home loans. Additionally, infestations can deter some people from buying a home, causing a home to sit longer on the market and decrease its value.

Mice damage can cause a home to be sold for 9% less than an un-infested home. Common damage caused by mice include:

  • Damage to walls and furniture
  • Electrical problems caused by mice chewing on wires
  • Dry materials placed around electrical surfaces that can increase the likelihood of a house fire
  • Damage to insulation
  • Structural damage

Be Proactive and Use an Expert

If you want to avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars in your home equity – and thousands in costly repairs, be proactive and use an expert. Sometimes the damage is already done by the time you notice an infestation. It is far better (and cheaper!) to use a preventative approach so that you never have to deal with this problem.

Terminix is also currently offering a great deal of giving customers a $50 saving on a pest control plan should you encounter any pests in your home.

Terminix is ranked as the #1 pest control company in the United States, backed by 90 years of experience getting rid of unwanted critters. They’re so convinced of their service, that they offer all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If you suspect an infestation problem, it is best to call in a professional, so that the property owner can identify the species involved and develop a customized strategy to protect the home and its value.


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