Your cell phone bill is a fixed cost…something you’re guaranteed to pay. By reducing fixed costs, you can save big over the long term.

Here’s how to negotiate the best cell phone plan possible.

1. Gauge your needs

You’re likely paying for unnecessary services. For instance, you may only use half of your data. So, see if your provider can knock down the price if you reduce services.

2. Call other providers

Any carrier will love getting a new customer, especially if they’re poaching from a rival. Tell a competitor you’re looking to switch and relish the deals they’ll throw at you. Rinse and repeat next year!

3. Go to the source: Customer Retention

Get your notepad and your pen. You’re going to start negotiating.

Call your carrier and say you’d like a better rate. They’ll offer subpar deals. Politely decline and say you’re considering leaving but want to speak to “Customer Retention.”

They’ll put you on hold constantly. Don’t sweat it! When you finally speak to someone, say you’ve been a customer for years and would love to stay, but also need a better rate. Tell them about competitors’ rates.

Jot down their offer and ask them to document it in your file. If you’re happy, take the deal. If not, call back later and see if they’ll budge.

Remember: Don’t argue. Polite but firm is the way to go.

Final word

We all pay too much for our cell phone plans. Take it from me: You can get a better deal by following these steps.

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